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Tie Dye Thai Pants

The Tie Dye Thai Pants for sale here originate from Thailand.

Thai Pants are a great fashion trend that is developed by very inventive small producers in Thailand. Their original design is based on styles worn traditionally by Thai Tribes. Mong, other Hill Tribes and the population in other parts of the country are the original designers of these now popular fashion pants. Their popularity has been growing in recent years. They are unisex and worn by both sexes and all ages. They come in different styles and variations. Thai Pants come short and long, very wide and moderate, with pockets or without. Thei have ties to tie them up or down, tie or elastic around the waist, or they have elastic ancles or they come wide. They stretch so they can cover all sizes in one piece, or they come in somewhat sizes. Their unique colors and patterns change steady. Most used materials are rayon and cotton. Thai Pants can be worn mostly in summer or in house, but that is up to you. They have a comfortable fit that allows movements. For some it they are the perfect Yoga Pants. They are also perfect beach pants.